Activities inside the farm

Nestled amidst a 40 acre plot of functioning farm, stay at The Coconut County will engage you with varied levels of involvement in the farm activity, from milking and harvesting to just sitting on verandahs eating pakoras.



One can venture out of their room to take a walk through the patches of coconut and banana plantations up to a pond, in the middle of the farm. You can either swing in your fishing rod if you have a liking towards fishing or just sit by the pond side and admire the natural beauty surrounded by tall Blue Mountains while exulting the sweep of fresh farm breeze along your skin.

Activities outside the farm

Our countryside retreat is in close proximities to the pristine part of the Western Ghats and offers you a great way to enjoy the best of Indian birdlife and wildlife right on your doorstep. Taking a tour with a friendly farmer is always a great way to get to know your farm cottage surroundings, and exploring the countryside with a brisk local walk is a good way to start. For the keen walker and an outdoor enthusiast, a farm holiday couldn’t put you in better stead for outdoor adventures. One can just stride out on their bi-cycle and explore the local area alongside scenic roads that are engulfed by exotic private farmlands on one-side and the mighty Western Ghats on the other.

While you stay at The Coconut County, you can book your day trip and explore the surroundings by choosing from the itineraries below.



Birdwatching at Sethumadai

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An insight into the best of Indian birdlife at one of the unexplored birding havens in the Country will ignite curiosity your minds to learn and know more about the exotic birdlife that we host. The day has some fun activities to lighten up the holiday mood and strike a balance between learning and having fun.

These birding trips will be accompanied by experienced Naturalists who will impart knowledge on various aspects about birds and their behaviours that will provide a wholesome experience even for a beginner, without much birding experience.

Nature Walk along a wetland lake

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Nature Walk along a wetland lake: Nature Walk trips with Thadam are organized on tracts that are carefully chosen by our team to provide a unique experience to the travellers. These tracts are largely unexplored and are nestled away from the crowded tourist zones, amidst the lush green forests and tall Blue Mountains providing the perfect getaway, you’ve always dreamt of as a person, green at heart.

Some tracts are flanked by the pristine Shola forests on one side and the lush green coconut farms on the other, creating a haven that stands in harmony with the chirping birds, evergreen trees and gentle waves of breeze.

Trekking at Anaimalais

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Thadam Treks are organized amidst one of the hot spots of biodiversity – a unique ecological tract that has an undulating topography and climate variations which support a wide variety of flora and fauna. These treks help you cover by foot, a significant segment of the Western Ghats, which possesses many endemic species and is a unique ecological tract rich in biodiversity.

Cycling along scenic landscapes

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Pollachi is an epitome beautiful landscapes, scenic roads , lush green lands with majestic mountain backdrops , lakes , streams and rivers. These elements of nature provide immense scope for outdoor/adventure activities like Cycling, Photography, Coracle rides etc.,

Thadam adventures will not only give you that rush and excitement while pumping up your adrenaline with such activities, but will leave you with memories that you can take back home.

Walk the village streets of rural pollachi

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With numerous beautiful villages and hamlets in and around Pollachi, Thadam village experiences will help a traveller to get an insight into villager’s lifestyle and also provide opportunities to take part in their daily chores. This will provide an amazing opportunity for visitors to witness a unique cultural interaction between the modern day life and traditional rural lifestyle.

Organic farm tours

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Farm tours with Thadam will provide travelers an awareness into ways of traditional and organic methods of farming, embracing local produce for a healthy, sustainable lifestyle among visitors. Such experiences will linger in minds of visitors while leading a routine lifestyle back in Cities / towns even after the holidays are over.

Tea tour at Valparai

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Tea tour with Thadam involves a physical journey into lush green tea estates spread across the undulating hills. Explaining the process of Tea manufacturing starting from the source and ending with the packaging and tasting of tea is an opportunity that will be provided for travellers to experience one of the most exclusive single estate Tea’s of the world.